Obama joins Michigan Democrats in push to stall right-to-work bills

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LANSING, Mich. — Democrats pushed Monday to stall the right-to-work proposals sailing through the Michigan Legislature, and President Obama used an appearance at a suburban Detroit engine plant to blast the GOP-led efforts to limit union powers.

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Terri Jeffery, of Detroit, marches and chants during a protest opposing right-to-work laws outside of Cadillac Place in Detroit. About 50 protesters picketed Monday.  ANDRE J. JACKSON/ASSOCIATED PRESS
Terri Jeffery, of Detroit, marches and chants during a protest opposing right-to-work laws outside of Cadillac Place in Detroit. About 50 protesters picketed Monday.

U.S. Sen. Carl Levin and Michigan Democrats in the U.S. House met with Gov. Rick Snyder on Monday morning in Detroit and urged him to veto the legislation, which could get final passage as early as today when the Legislature reconvenes. Levin said Snyder pledged to “seriously consider” the group’s requests, including their demand for a statewide referendum on the issue.

Obama added his voice to the cause during an appearance at a plant in Redford, mocking the “right to work” label that supporters have used to describe the efforts to prohibit requiring non-union employees to financially support unions at the workplace.

“These so-called right-to-work laws, they don’t have anything to do with economics; they have everything to do with politics,” Obama said. “What they’re really talking about is giving you the right to work for less money.”

The Michigan measures have sailed through the legislative process since Thursday, when the state House and Senate introduced and swiftly approved them. Snyder has previously said he would sign the legislation, which still needs additional votes because the versions approved last week were slightly different.

Supporters say right to work would bring more jobs to Michigan and give workers freedom, but opponents say it’s intended to weaken unions and drive down wages and benefits in the state.

Lansing authorities were bracing for an onslaught of protesters today. They increased police presence and planned road closings and parking restrictions around the Capitol.

Obama was greeted by Snyder and Democratic members of Michigan’s congressional delegation before heading to the engine plant Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, Michigan House Democratic leaders gathered at the Capitol and called for more debate on the committee level before final passage. Democrats acknowledged there was little they could do to stop the fast-moving legislation in the waning days of the session but vowed to vote down other legislation as a form of protest, including one that helps to finance a downtown Detroit project featuring a new home for the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings.

“For them to try to rush (the Detroit project) through in lame-duck (session) is every bit as unacceptable as any other policy initiatives they are trying to rush through,” said state Rep. Tim Greimel, an Auburn Hills Democrat who is the incoming minority leader. “We’ve got to take a stand and say, ‘Look, we need to have a deliberative process.’”

Ari Adler, spokesman for Michigan House Speaker Jase Bolger, issued statements dismissing the comments of both congressional and state Democratic leaders. He chided those in Washington for “trying to tell Republicans in Michigan to slow down and not do our job in Lansing while they fail to resolve the nation’s fiscal cliff crisis or even approve a budget.” Adler also said right-to-work policies have “been debated for decades, and we’ve been talking about it in the state House for the past two years.”

“I find it laughable that House Democrats are suggesting the process is the problem and not the policy,” he said. “We will have two suns rise over the state Capitol before House Democrats would consider supporting labor reforms that put the rights of Michigan workers ahead of the demands of powerful union bosses.”

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cm51 12/11/12 - 12:09 pm
As a former UNION member, now

As a former UNION member, now retired; I was a member of two different crafts years ago. It is NOT about the wages for workers as the UNION Likes to make out. It is too increase the "income" and power to the Administration side of the UNION's. It is about the power over corporate America. Back when I was working UNION, if you looked around, most of the manufacturing plants were paying more than UNION wages and BETTER benefits. A "right to work" law is put in place to infringe on workers rights and not the other way around. RTW dissallows EVERY right a worker has except "Civil Rights". For example, if you came in to work today, and I said.........in my opinion your attitude "stinks"; then I could fire you with no proof or liabilty to law suit. Most remember back when you were filling out papers for a job, there was ALWAYS a form that had a list of policies that you had to check yes or no; you were also told that if you did not fill out that form, you could not be hired. That "disclaimer", even though you signed it under duress of not getting the job............signed away your rights under the law. Now that Georgia and South Carolina are both RTW states, that form is no longer needed.

Now let's talk about the UNION's; they are no better. If you don't kiss the rear end of the local business agent, you don't get "local" work. I know of one local BA, who holds jobs in "reserve" for members who bring him VIAGRA that they get from the VA, as payment for their "perks"............sounds crazy, but this is the "real" world.

Go back in history, the first recorded incident of "unions" was in the late Roman Empire; back in that time period, the RE was growing so fast as they conquered and took over smaller territories and countries, that a movement called the "Initiated" was formed, so that Roman "businessmen" and citizens could occupy new territory and still earn a "prevailing" wage. The citizens of the newly acquired territory, easily went along with this because of the "promise of higher wages and benefit".............the benefit came when Rome "officially" declared that they were Roman citizens now..........thus they "earned" the right to enjoy ALL the benefits of natural born Romans at "no cost"...........in return, they swore ALL allegience to ROME !!!

This sounds a lot like today, OBAMA gives away 800,000 work Visa's to illegal aliens, and at the same time creates legislation that will give ANY illegal the same rights as any natural born US citizen and NO COST !!! EXCEPT, the cost of their support (VOTE) from this point forward..............Now they are talking about making Puerto Rico the 51st state; a territory where over 90% of the population are already on US funded welfare !!!! History teaches that the Roman Empire collapsed from within because of corrupt power, declining morals, and the natural born Roman Citizens, just giving up and saying "no more" to the government (we call this retirement today)...................already in the OBAMACARE bill, we are giving away billions of dollars to those outside of our country for healthcare (look on page 1132, it shows $7B going to Puerto Rico by itself)..........earlier in the document it sights that Social Security and Homeland Security ALREADY know that the health care rolls will be filled with those "who are not qualified" for healthcare.........yet, in the very next "subsection" of the bill, makes it illegal to create a federal database and identify and track the violators.

America, as we know it, is going away rapidly; I don't care if you are democrat or republican.......unless you are already residing at the top somewhere...............these socialist handcuffs have your name on them.

History teaches us ("The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; by Edward Gibbons"), that by midpoint of the decline, those in power, recognized that their "support base" was crumbling away, yet this new event called "Christianity" was gaining momentum AND an extremely loyal support base; So as the governing base steadily declined down, and the Christianity base continued to rise...........Emporer Constantine declared that he had seen a vision commanding that the Romans should embrace Christianity....................AND that with Constantine as leader, he could declare that ALL of Rome was now Christian..........thus the start of the Roman Church. His "real" purpose for this was that as his governmental power and position crumbled away, him and his "group" simply stepped from one platform to another and retained all of their power and wealth, by simply changing it's name.

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