Gas prices continue to fall for holidays

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Gasoline prices should continue to drop throughout the holiday travel season.

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Ricki Hamilton, of Augusta, buys gasoline for $2.89 per gallon at the Circle K gas station on Washington Road.   EMILY ROSE BENNETT/STAFF
Ricki Hamilton, of Augusta, buys gasoline for $2.89 per gallon at the Circle K gas station on Washington Road.

The average price of regular unleaded for the Augusta area on Wednesday was $3.01 a gallon, according to AAA. That’s nine cents lower than a week ago and 18 cents lower than one month ago.

The low prices are welcome news for drivers around the holidays.

Janet Sconyers, of Au­gusta, said her family noticed the low gas prices earlier in the week. She filled her tank Tuesday at Greg’s Gas Plus on Georgia Avenue in North Augusta for $2.83 a gallon.

“It’s creeping down,” Sconyers said. “We thought it would go sky high with people traveling. Since it hasn’t and it’s actually gone down, it’s surprised us.”

Demand for gasoline has dropped over the past several weeks, said Jessica Brady, a spokeswoman for AAA Auto Club Group. Holidays are peak times but don’t necessarily mean that prices spike, she said.

“It has more to do with the economy, demand and what is going on globally that affects the market,” Brady said.

The national gas price average Wednesday was 22 cents higher this time last year, but prices this week are still far below the year’s peak price of $3.98, Brady said in a news release. The high mark happened the first week in May.

At the Circle K on 15th and Reynolds streets, Tron Davis, of Augusta, purchased gas for $2.92 on Tuesday. He would like even lower prices for holiday drives to Atlanta and Savannah.

“You can stay on the road a little bit more when it’s cheaper,” Davis said.

As prices continue to fall as the new year approaches, more people could plan last-minute trips, Brady said.



Wednesday $3.01 $3.12 $3.02 $3.20

Week ago $3.10 $3.20 $3.07 $3.26

Year ago $2.81 $2.87 $2.80 $2.98

Source: AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report; all prices are for a gallon of regular gasoline

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Just My Opinion
Just My Opinion 12/21/11 - 09:21 pm
Like everyone else, I'm glad

Like everyone else, I'm glad prices are down! But I want to share what I've been noticing from Wal-Mart, of all places. Usually Wal-Mart is right there at being one of the cheapest in the area, but about a week ago, Kroger was one of the first places to drop down to $2.90 a gallon and Wal-Mart stayed stuck on $3.07 for about 4 or 5 days. Now, usually Wal-Mart and Kroger are matching each other left and right, but not on this! Yesterday, Wal-Mart went up from $2.90, to $3.01 for about a day and a half, and then back down to $2.89...and all the while, Kroger stayed at $2.90, in fact they went down to $2.87! So, this almost seems like a game to me that these big companies are playing, all to get the most money out of us that they can. I miss the days when the gas prices NEVER did this frequent up and down mess, like they do almost every other day!

TrukinRanger 12/22/11 - 07:52 am
It's always been a game. One

It's always been a game. One day two opposing stations will be at the same price, the next it's 5 cents different, up and down. Also, How can one stationed owned by the same people have one set price and around the corner, in the same city & county it's another price. Sometimes the two will be the same, sometimes not. This idea of supply and demand is a myth. Gasoline is marketed just like anything else retailers are shoving down our throats. All at the same time the gas companies are making huge profits... when prices go up they say it's the economy or some event in the middle east... but the amount that goes into their pockets stays the same. A little FYI.. Walmart doesn't own gas stations, Murphy Oil owns them but they have agreements so that Wallyworld can promote their gift/gas cards.

bdouglas 12/22/11 - 09:31 am
I paid $2.71 at the new

I paid $2.71 at the new Greg's Gas Plus last night at SC Exit 1. That's with none of your gift card, Kroger card or whatever card discounts. What I don't understand is this morning on my way into work along Jefferson Davis Highway in SC I see $2.86 at Ye Olde Grocery (usually higher than others) and $2.82 at Raceway near the Hippodrome....yet the brand new Sprint store in Clearwater shot up to $2.99. I don't get it. Also worth noting there was only ONE car filling up there when it's usually packed that time of day.

storiesihaveread 12/22/11 - 01:36 pm
Price of gas has jumped up 20

Price of gas has jumped up 20 cents in 2 hours this morning. Took my mom to her doctor appt was 2.89 at 3 stations left the doctors 1 hour later were at 3.09 all 3. Everytime the paper says the price is going down the price goes up. Happened 3 weeks ago also

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