Former Comcast manager starts job at rival


Abu Khan has started his new job as general manager of Knology in Augusta.

The former vice president and general manager of Comcast in Augusta said he made the switch because he wanted to have more input and the ability to effect change in a local environment. He began his new job two weeks ago.

“Knology is a good company. Comcast is a good company as well. I just felt that I could make a little bit more of an impact with a smaller company than I could continue to do with a large company like Comcast,” he said. “My change is predicated on being able to input locally on what happens in Augusta.”

Khan will manage 88 employees at Knology. The company also has more than 300 employees in its Augusta call center, but they will not report to him.

Khan resigned from Comcast last month after working for the cable and Internet provider for more than 15 years. Previously, he worked for Jones Intercable Inc. in Augusta, a smaller company that was later purchased by Comcast.

Though he’s now working for the competition, Khan said he has gotten positive feedback from both sides.

“People are excited for me. They’re excited for Knology,” he said. “I’ve had a Knology customer that told me they’re excited to have me on board. Comcast customers are excited to see that I’ve made the change. My employees are happy for me. This is nothing against Comcast. It’s a personal choice on how I like to manage and the type of input I like to provide when I’m running a business.”

He said he is focused on Knology’s purchase of the Grovetown/Fort Gordon system from Cobridge Communications LLC. This year, Knology signed an agreement to buy Cobridge’s cable and broadband operations at Fort Gordon and in Troy, Ala., for $30 million.


Tue, 01/17/2017 - 19:25

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