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Police searching for Aiken County burglar

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Aiken County deputies were looking for a Warrenville man in connection to a July 8 burglary in North Augusta, according to a news release.

Toby Boyd  Aiken Sheriff's Office photo
Aiken Sheriff's Office photo
Toby Boyd

Warrants have been placed on Toby Butler Boyd, 38, for first degree burglary, grand larceny and possession of a gun by a person convicted of a violent crime, said Capt. Troy Elwell, of the Aiken County Sheriff's Office.

Police have named Boyd as a suspect in a burglary at the 900 block of Ascauga Lake Road, Elwell said. Anyone with information can call (800) 922-9709 or (888) CRIME-SC.

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Taylor B
Taylor B 07/15/10 - 09:51 am
I used to work with this guy.

I used to work with this guy. Pretty good Volvo tech, I wonder what happened to him? Hate to see people waste their talents. You just never know...

Bubbalicious 07/15/10 - 10:22 am
Home invaders should get a

Home invaders should get a minimum 20 years for their 1st offense. Life for a 2nd offense. A home is a family's sanctuary. Scum like this guy who invades homes should be dealt with harshly. I bet low-lifes like this guy would think twice if they knew they might go to jail for a long, long time for home invasion.

corgimom 07/15/10 - 10:34 am
Investigators are searching

Investigators are searching for a Warrenville man accused of breaking into an Ascauga Lake Road home earlier this month, who may be involved in other break-ins this summer, officials said.

Toby Butler Boyd, 38, of 2804 Pine Log Road, is wanted for first-degree burglary, grand larceny and possession of a gun by a person convicted of a violent crime.

He has previous assault and weapons charges.

Police said Boyd has been identified as the man who forced his way into a home during a burglary on July 8.

A 50-inch flat-screen television, gaming system, digital picture frame, flask, book of checks, drill and guns were reportedly stolen.

Deputies said they found a backpack at the home the day of the burglary that did not belong to the victim. Inside the bag were tools often used to force entry into a home and a wallet with identification.

The victim said he did not know the person the ID belonged to nor had that person been invited into his home.

Capt. Troy Elwell, a spokesperson with Aiken Public Safety, said there have been a number of break-ins reported in the area, and investigators are attempting to determine if the suspect has been involved with others.

News 12 at 11, December 28, 2007

WARRENVILLE, S.C. -- Toby Boyd in the Aiken County Detention Center facing serious charges after he was arrested at a relative's home, just a block from his house, around 6:30 Friday night (December 28).

His family spoke exclusively with News 12 about what they say was a fight that got out of control--fast.

Speak with any member of Toby Boyd's family and they'll tell you he's not innocent, but he's also not guilty of everything his wife is claiming to Aiken County Authorities.

Joseph Boyd and the rest of Toby Boyd's family breathing a sigh of relief after a six hour manhunt ends in Warrenville without anyone getting seriously hurt. "We were worried about somebody hurting him, shooting him, saying he had a gun, but he didn't. He didn't have a gun."

Aiken Investigators say Toby knocked on a relatives house just as it got dark, less than a block from his own house, where the standoff started.

"He wanted to talk to somebody before he turned himself in, he wanted somebody to now his side of the story." says Joseph Boyd, who is Toby's cousin.

It's a story with two very different sides, one from Toby, and one from his wife Christy. Both say they had an argument. Investigators say at some point, Toby hit his wife. She then called 911 and said he had a gun. Deputies arrived and christy ran out, their four-year-old son came out unharmed minutes later.

"He looked out the window and saw the law was out there and run out the back door, he's been scared to death ever since then." explains Joseph Boyd.

Scared, hiding in the woods Joseph says, unarmed and watching the manhunt unfold. "He isn't a violent person. Toby is a good boy. He's just had a problem with this one woman."

Neighbors who know the couple, and witnessed the manhunt unfold next door, agree.

Chris Williams is a longtime neighbor of Toby and Christy Boyd. "He's a normal guy looks like he got in some trouble here, some stuff he ought not to of. I think they had some disagreements him and wife and it escalated to a point that was uncontrollable I suppose."

"I told Toby before he left he broke his Grandaddy's heart. He said i'm sorry and he apologized you know, things happened and it happened too quick." adds Joseph Boyd in tears.

Toby Boyd is charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, which again, his family says never happened.

Friends and family of the couple say the had a long history of arguing, but up until today, deputies say they had never been called to their Warrenville home. Also prior to today, Toby Boyd had no criminal record authorities could find.

1beachbum 07/15/10 - 10:41 am
Corgi, why do you bother

Corgi, why do you bother looking this stuff up? It seems pretty obvious that when someone is charged with something, they've probably been charged with something in the past.

baronvonreich 07/15/10 - 11:07 am
If America ever decide it

If America ever decide it wants to curb crime then it will impose meaningful and mandatory punishments including that all violent felons be served mandatory capital punishments.

Stangafied 07/15/10 - 12:23 pm
This moron needs to be caught

This moron needs to be caught soon! I personally know the victim of the July 8th robbery, from what I have heard they found most of his stolen property burnt to a crisp in a shed on this lowlifes property. The same victim also reported someone attempting to break into his house again just a couple nights ago. Seems this guy just doesn't know when to quit!

Chillen 07/15/10 - 02:04 pm
Make sure you have a good

Make sure you have a good security system and way of defending yourself (i.e. Gun or Guns) in your home. A dog and a baseball bat next to the bed will help too.

With the economy continuing to tank and unemployment benefits about to be stopped, you are going to see a sharp rise in theft.

sueboo418 07/15/10 - 03:20 pm
A can of wasp spray will do

A can of wasp spray will do the job too. It's worse than mace or pepper spray and you have almost a 20 foot range with that stuff.

ispy4u 07/17/10 - 01:45 pm
WHAT???? No entitlement crowd

WHAT???? No entitlement crowd or Liberal bleeding heart comments? I am shocked.

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