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None of the candidates for commissioner in Columbia County are truly worthy of my vote based on their reported business behavior. Guess I’ll have to pick the lesser of all the evils.


Wow, so Paul Ryan and his fellow millionaires think it is wonderful that a non-rich person gets $78 extra this year in their paycheck while they save multi-millions of dollars. How thoughtful of them.

Mr. Fennoy needs to work in the prison system helping some of his fellow inmates out. I was taken aback when I read about his trips to jail for demonstrations and breaking the law and now Augusta hires and elects this man to run your government.

The stock market normally has it’s ups and downs, that’s how it levels out. This is happening now, and it is OK, because looking beneath it, our economy is strong.

Every day I think the liberals can’t possibly come up with any more stupid or lame comments about the present day administration and every day they prove me wrong.

Where else but in Augusta is a street named after a felon and a statute erected to honor him, but the city is offended by the name Calhoun Expressway.



Thu, 02/22/2018 - 23:28

Rants and raves