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Eric Trump criticizing the Democrats for not clapping for his father at the sotu speech left me speechless. Eric is starting to earn the moron moniker the press has tagged him with.

The president and his sons should never mention African Americans on any level. The president, who had to settle a discrimination suit for denying people of color access to his apartments, should back off.

I propose that we name the county landfill after Bill Fennoy. He can also walk the roads, kneel down every time he sees trash and pick it up.

The economy is trending well, thanks President Obama. Thank you for setting the economic table, against all odds, for your successor.

Wake up Blythe we got a mayors election to get done. Wake and step up people, it is your town. Let’s find a mayor that will help this town. Not much time left to qualify.

You are going to have a lot of people voting for the arena who don’t have any skin in the game, therefore, if it fails only the taxpayer will be held accountable. Only taxpayers should have a say if they are the ones who are going to pay.



Fri, 02/23/2018 - 19:39

Rants and raves