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To all the anti Trump ranters and letter writers to the editor, I as a conservative Republican had to put up with Obama for eight years and you can put up with Trump for eight years.

So, Republicans think they “won” because Trump annoyed us with the State of the Union? Meanwhile, we’ve won two Governor’s races and a Senate seat in Alabama.

Why is Nancy Pelosi so upset about the $1000 crumbs businesses are giving to employees? They are the crumbs that she has rooted out of the public trough for 30 years.

Sylvia Cooper makes Augusta politics look as bad as the swamp in D.C. She tells it like it is. Good for her.

Trump went to the best schools but he used “heel” instead of “heal” twice. I learned the difference in the third grade.

Deplorables” are very interested in “Crumbs” and we are also interested in the real issue of why our Government interfered in our elections. I believe we are soon to find out as more and more “facts” become available for the deplorable everyday working folks of America.




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