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Concerning the headlines “Therapy Peacock” not allowed on plane. What is the world coming to? Suppose the therapy “animal” is a snake, pit bull, gun, knife.

Sure wish Mr. Fennoy and Mr. Williams didn’t represent me. The first wastes our time with sarcasm regarding the renaming of the road, and Mr. Williams acts like I’m being oppressed. Maybe your hearts are the ones that need changing because you are keeping us all, black and white alike, from moving forward as one in Augusta.

I am betting the day the FISA Abuse Memo is released it will be read more by worried DC liberals than the U.S. Constitution has been in their whole political career.

If any Republican has the audacity to accuse any Democrat of obstruction, they should board a gasoline-soaked rocket to Hades. The Republican obstruction of President Obama was textbook.

It sure is nice to hear a president tell us how great America is, instead of how bad it is.



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