Rants and raves


No, Republicans, I won’t be declining my tax return. When the debt hits, you’re matching me penny-for-penny, like it or not.


Retired general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell has been relegated to the background by this administration and the Republican party. I guess being black, intelligent, sane, and classy has no place with these scoundrels.


Since all this talk about changing road names, how about Fort Gordon and Gordon Highway. Both were named for Confederate Lieutenant General John Brown Gordon, a slave owner

When you have jobs, the crime rate, and drug rate goes down, doesn’t everyone want that? Look at how the Democrats are trying to obstruct any progress in this area in our administration. Why would they not want to help everyone succeed, not just get their political votes.

Unemployment for blacks is the lowest it has it has ever been in the history of our country under this Republican administration. This is a good thing.