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So when are the Trump factories going to come to America? Or otherwise when are the tariffs going to hit those items, especially the Chinese items that Ivanka’s factories are producing? When are they giving their employees bonuses?

Being a critic of cartoonist Rick McKee, I am man enough to give him his due for his cartoon on 1-26-18. That was spot on.

I am absolutely positive all you Democrats are jumping on the opportunity to give up your new bonuses and pay raises. Those crumbs being handed out to you according to Pelosi. After all $1000 after taxes means nothing any more according to Wasserman-Schultz. Aren’t you pleased as punch your party leadership is so close to all of you?

I may only get crumbs from the new tax law, but I’ve been living off crumbs for my entire life. If Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want her crumbs, I might just have enough for a cupcake.



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