SRNS gets 84 percent of fee possible for one part of operating SRS

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to show the correct name for Savannah River Nuclear Solutions and that its award fee for operating Savannah River Site is only one portion of the fee determined by the National Nuclear Security Administration.


Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, the management and operating contractor for the Savannah River Site, received 84 percent of its possible award fee for one portion of its work in 2017.

SRNS conducts work for both the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management and the National Nuclear Security Administration at SRS.

NNSA missions represent approximately 27 percent of SRNS’s scope at SRS. After an evaluation of those missions, SRNS received a total of $13,098,083. The full award possible was $15,684,448.

The environmental management evaluation and award fee has not been announced yet.

The NNSA faulted SRNS for problems in the “Operations and Infrastructure” section, giving it a score of “good,” but only 75 percent of the possible fee.

Specifically, the NNSA report cited “multiple operational events” and failure “to effectively manage the safety basis requirements for the Tritium Facilities. These events increased schedule risk and costs,” according to the report.

Some problems noted in the 2016 evaluation were not fully corrected in 2017, the report said.

“During FY16, areas of concern were identified in the SRTE (Savannah River Tritium Enterprise) facilities maintenance program. Small improvements in reducing the corrective maintenance backlog and preventative maintenance deferrals have been made, nonetheless, problems remain,” the report said. “SRNS has completed most small project milestones on time or ahead of schedule. However, SRNS did not manage the overall program effectively.”

“Small Projects execution rate continues to be very low and SRNS is not prepared to execute projects when funding is available, resulting in equipment repairs and replacements being delayed and subsequent cost escalation,” the report said.

SRNS performed better in other areas, such as reducing nuclear security threats, where it received an “excellent” rating and received 91 percent of the possible award fee, $2.3 million out of a possible $2.5 million.

The company also was graded “Very Good” in the category “Manage the Nuclear Weapons Mission.” It received 90 percent of the possible award fee — $4.7 million out of $5.1 million.

SRNS got 85 percent of its possible award fee for “Leadership,” where it scored “very good,” but the report cited the same Tritium Facilities problems noted in “Operations and Infrastructure.”

Two areas of the evaluation dealt with the Savannah River National Laboratory. It was rated excellent in “Defense Programs” and “Nonproliferation,” earning 91 percent and 95 percent of the possible award fees in those areas, respectively. It received $637,000 out of a possible $700,000 in Defense Programs, and $1.2 million out of $1.3 million in “Nonproliferation.”

Including the SRNL fees, the total award fee for 2017 was $14,970,083 out of a possible $17,694,448.