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I stand corrected on my assertion that Confederate soldiers do not have a right to be called veterans of the United States Of America. There is legislation that refutes my claim. I still cling to my belief that anyone who fired on the United States, under the flag of another government, does not deserve veterans status.

Loved the editorial cartoon of Oprah. Yes, she’s a nice person, won’t talk trash like our current president, but with no experience either and being so liberal, will this be a good thing? I doubt it.

The libs are so hot and heavy in demanding the truth all the time (even though they gladly and freely spout lies constantly), yet when anyone, particularly the President, does call it like it is, they can’t handle it, they become irate and offended and demand apologies and go on marches.

The subject of the Electoral College is like beating a dead horse. If you don’t understand why we have it, then don’t comment on it.