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Finally, the Clintons are under multiple federal investigations for felony criminal activities. Justice might still prevail yet, it seems?

To the comment regarding status of Confederate veterans not being considered the same as U.S. veterans, please refer to U.S. Code (that’s U.S. law for the uninformed) Title 38, Chapter 15, Subchapter 1, Section 1501 where it is defined that ‘Civil War veterans’ refers to those that served in the army or navy of the Confederacy the same as those that served in the equivalent forces of the United States.

The Neighborhood Reconciliation Act, passed during the Jimmy Carter Administration, was the start of the “toxic” loans which caused the housing bubble to burst.

A rant to all the wannabe singers out there who hold the microphone right up to their mouths and shout into it. If you already have a loud voice, please hold it away from your mouth at least 6 inches, otherwise it sounds distorted and is painful for the audience.

Rant to the liberal poster who uses the name of a famous writer as his/her name on the online comment….what’s the matter, “Clive,” afraid to stand behind your convictions online with your own name, you have to use someone else’s?