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In all reality everyone drives in both lanes of a highway like Bobby Jones, rather than everyone staying in the right except to pass. So for the senator to want to fine people who drive too slow in the left lane is plain wrong.


Thank you for a job well done by Augusta 311 Service and the Augusta Engineering Department. After a careless and inconsiderate driver knocked down a Hazardous Curve sign in my front yard, one call to Augusta 311 garnered a pleasant response and same day repair of the sign.


Now that Trump has spent over a 100 days visiting his own properties, how many bonuses will those resort workers get for all their extra work catering to him and his entourage of security people, press junkets, etc.


It seems that all the people alive between FDR and Reagan have developed collective amnesia, and now imagine that the US was a Libertarian Utopia during that period.


Why was the proposed Regency Mall civic center location labeled a crime infested area, as a major reason not to be picked? It seems those doing so obviously avoided the crime statistics for the current civic center location.



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 21:01

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