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Augusta doesn’t need another arena. It needs more parents who can teach their children not to rob and kill.

2018, the year of no Obama, no Clinton, no Bush. Welcome President Trump.

Republicans, tell me right now how you would establish a polling firm that gives accurate information. I pledge here and now that if you give any remotely sane answer, I will donate $100 to the establishment of such a firm.

It depresses me that there aren’t enough Republicans seats up for grabs in 2018 to give us the veto override, even if we win every one.

For all you Democrats out there – after you file your 2018 taxes, be sure and send in the extra amount (due to the tax cuts) to the IRS since all of you are so against people keeping more of their own money.

Since when did it become city objective to develop land that the owner (cardinal) let rot and we don’t own?

I want to thank President Donald J.Trump, our great president, for helping me reach my goal of one day being a millionaire, as of this last quarter my IRA has reached that goal of one million dollars due to the stock market reaching the highs it has reached since he has been in office.


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