Song that brought comfort to family member goes viral

You’ve heard the saying “a family that prays together stays together,” but for one family, a family that sings together also stays together.


This proved itself when Edward Greenwood, 64, was admitted to the University Hospital on Christmas day. His younger brother, Alvin Sr., said it was a “little setback” for the family.

“I never spent Christmas at an emergency room and I felt kind of down to be there, but thanking God that it wasn’t something worse,” he said. “It was just a little sickness.”

Marquette Sims and five of his first cousins, who are all members of a 10-man family band called Brothers in Christ, were having lunch at an area Logans restaurant when they received the news and decided to stop by the hospital as a surprise.

“It has been awhile since we’ve all been together and we just wanted to surprise him,” Sims said.

Little did they know the surprise would provide an unexpected opportunity for them to do what their aunt Gwendolyn Greenwood said they do best. As the six men entered the 64-year-old’s hospital room they were met by their aunt, middle uncle and the couple’s son, Anthony Greenwood.

With seven of the 10 present — including their cousin Alvin Greenwood Jr., who serves in the Army — their aunt, Gwendolyn, requested that they sing a medley — which, according to the family, the group had not done for awhile.

“Our parents brought us up close and it happened by coincidence that they all was there and I knew I was not going to let them leave without singing something,” she said. “And they knew I was ready to video.”

The video has since collected more than one million views and has been shared on Facebook at least 16,000 times. As the family gathered at their Augusta residence Friday, they reflected on the viral video.

Vocalist Donquelle Sims, 37, said the attention came as a bit of a shock but reflects the group’s “close-knit fellowship.”

“One of the biggest things that I enjoy is singing with my family,” he said Friday.”For us it’s therapeutic.”

For his 64-year-old uncle, the song brought ease. He was released from the hospital Wednesday and was on bed rest during the Friday visit.

Some who saw the Tuesday video commented that it gave them a blessing.

Alvin Presley, 31, a vocalist in the family band, hopes to keep that blessing flowing.

“You hate to get together when someone is sick but it brought us all together at that time,” he said. “And I think it brought a smile to my uncle’s face.”

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