New Year’s resolutions hard for Augustans to keep, according to website

As Alexander Garland strolled along the Riverwalk on Thursday afternoon, he stopped to ask a group of guys if they were comfortable with him filming their drone.


When they agreed, Garland recorded a video of the white and silver drone lifting off of the ground and hovering in mid-air. The 31-year-old Marine veteran said the hobby, during which he captures unique happenings in the community and posts them to his YouTube page, began as a New Year’s resolution for 2016.

“If I say it, it’s happening and now I’m 54 episodes in,” he said about his resolution.

His dedication to keeping a New Year’s resolution is not the norm in Augusta, according to WalletHub. This personal finance website ranked Augusta as the sixth worst city, of 182, for keeping New Year’s resolutions.

Garland said he wasn’t surprised.

“Augusta is a little different than other cities,” he said. “And everyone has their own individual goals and movements to keep.”

For videographer Lamar Hampton, 22, the goal is to shoot more weddings.

“This year was my first time getting into filmography,” he said. “My plans now are to network so that I can shoot more weddings.”

His friend Aaron Sauls,16, from North Augusta, had no solid resolution in place.

“I have no idea what my resolutions are,” Sauls said Thursday, “Maybe stay healthy, or eat better or make life a little brighter.”

According to WalletHub, the resolutions’ rankings for Augusta residents in other categories were: health, 179, relationships, 158, and bad habits, 147.

Stasia Skeleton, a 30-year-old preschool teacher from Augusta, listed having her third child as a main priority before considering any future goals.

“Resolutions make you feel like if you break or miss one day you can’t do it so I set goals to make it successful,” she said. “But I’m going to have a baby next year so before planning anything else I would like to pass that.”



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