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Rant to all home owners & lawn care employees who blow all yard waste into streets.

I wonder how the liberals are going to spend their additional tax refund money and bonuses now that the Federal Tax Reform has passed?

Rant for the mayor and the mall/arena mess. How can the mayor think a high crime area and bad location would be a great spot for a new arena. Really? Don’t re-elect this guy.

Not one single Democrat voted to lower your taxes, so that you can spend your money more wisely! Or you could let them spend it on foolish projects.

I was elated (sarcasm) this morning, when I read that the Kardashians continue to be wonderful mentors (sarcasm) for our young folks.

For the disgraceful Republicans and talking heads on Fox News smearing him as a partisan hack, remember Robert Mueller is a registered Republican and former Marine who won the Purple Heart in Vietnam and was appointed FBI Director by George W. Bush.

Downtown Augusta really starts to look like a dump once you get around the Richmond Summit.



Sun, 02/25/2018 - 00:00

Rants and raves