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Despite all the facts proving the new Republican Tax relief bill provides tax cuts to a majority Middle Economic Class American Citizens, and even eliminates $4 trillion in loopholes for wealthy, the tax and spend liberals hate it. So yes I have to wonder whose side they are on?

Former President Obama, inherited, a nightmare, upon his election. A free-falling economy, social strife, two wars, and a Republican party determined to obstruct him. He turned the economy around, with no help from the Republicans.


Not one school (8 total) had a winning record in Richmond County. Not one. Where is the accountability? What qualifications do administrators require?


Well men, just wondering when you are going to come out with accusations against loose women going after you. It happens not just to women but men also….


If we stay on this partisan path, we deserve the trash they are delivering to us. Wake up, we are being duped!



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 21:01

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