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The solution to all of Augusta-Richmond County’s problems is staring us in the face. Build the new James Brown Arena on the Pendleton King Park property. Problems solved.

Big rant to the many residents of the Augusta area who think it’s perfectly OK to drive a vehicle without benefit of license, registration or insurance.

The Mega Millions TV commercial with “sorry about the cat” is not funny. Animal abuse is a serious problem and not to be used as a joke or comedy.

Only the Republicans are to blame for the erosion of the whole country by Trump and his lies and foolishness. We are disgraced internationally to the point that now China is talking mainly with South Korea and Japan about dealing with North Korea.

Mitch McConnell said, in 2010: “Don’t vote on ACA until after Scott Brown (R) is seated.” Mitch McConnell, in 2017: “Vote on tax bill before Doug Jones (D) is seated.”

Though I’m saddened by the revelations about Al Franken, we should still learn from his career that the transition from humorous commentator to politician is not insurmountable.