Augusta University commissions six officers from Army ROTC program

Many smiled while others were brought to tears as six cadets lifted their right hands to swear an oath as commissioned officers of the U.S. military Friday morning.


The new 2nd lieutenants were from Augusta University’s Army ROTC program. As members of the program, the graduates completed both basic and advanced training.

Master Sgt. Travis Autry, the senior military instructor at Augusta University, said the program pushed each soldier to meet requirements for the military while also becoming a part of the community.

“Each of the six we that we have here they all bring to the table their work ethics,” he said prior to Friday’s commissioning ceremony. “These individuals have committed so much hours into the community, so they understand the concept of being a soldier, giving back to the community and being a role model.”

The task for Amber L. Quinata, a psychology major, was not as easy as she first assumed. She is assigned to the Engineer Corps at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri where she will focus on passing her basic officer leader course. Quinata said the accomplishment is worthwhile.

“Being a student and then doing PT in the morning and weekend training was rough,” she said after the ceremony . “But it was all worth it. This day finally came. I thought it was a dream but this is real, and today I feel great. I couldn’t ask for a better career.”

After the oath, family members were invited to join each soldier and pin on them a new badge representing their status as 2nd lieutenants.

Jerry Farmer, Jr., a political science major, was joined by his mother and father who he said kept him motivated throughout the four-year process.

“It’s a great feeling,” he said later. “Not everyone can serve so I’m grateful that I have a chance.”

Farmer, who plans to complete his masters while focusing on his basic officer leader course, is assigned to Signal Corps at Fort Gordon.