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We should stop trying to find a new Obama and repeal the 22nd Amendment. There’s nothing wrong with the old Obama.

Given how much of the GOP’s agenda that Trump has derailed with in-fighting, I’ve never completely abandoned hope that he’s a deep-cover Democrat destroying the Republican Party from within. I’m starting to wonder whether Roy Moore might be another one.

When they changed the (Augusta GreenJackets) logo, they should have changed the name of the baseball team. Why keep it tied to Augusta, and worse, tie it to an elitist sport like golf supported by the privileged of our area?

(I felt) extra thankful this year at Thanksgiving. (I would) like to send out a rave and thank you to Adriane, who paid for my groceries at Kroger in North Augusta on the evening of Nov. 21.

Warning: Drivers ignoring winter driving conditions are subject to natural selection.