Empty Stocking Fund List

Frank Rollins$100.00


Tom and Barbara Kiernan$100.00

Joseph and Amy Kmiecik$100.00

In memory of Paul and Ida Bennett and Andrew and Carmela Wagner from Frank D. Bennett$200.00

Jerome Hardman$75.00

In honor of our three grandsons from “M” and Bo$50.00

For the Wurst and Hesseling families$10.00

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester$50.00

In honor of Nancy Irish and Doug Blume$50.00

In loving memory of Lauren Cauthen and Miriam Fanning from Roxanne and Uncle Jim$20.00

Edward Heffernan$100.00

In memory of Burt and Yank Felton$100.00

In memory of Johnnie and Thelma Whitaker$100.00

In loving memory of our parents Sara and Roy, Shirley and George from Peggy and John Thompson$100.00

In memory of Ponda L. Holt from Buddy$25.00

In memory of Jimmy W. Holt from Buddy$25.00

Judith Griffith$10.00

In loving memory of my loving husband, Lucius F. Mack Jr.$50.00


Joseph and Shirley Briggs$500.00

Santa’s Helper$10.00

In loving memory of our daughter Linda from Joyce and George$200.00

In memory of Henry B. Jones and in honor of our grandchildren Olivia Mojeau and Anderson W. Jones$150.00

In memory of my dad William A. Garrett$20.00

Thaddeus McKinnie$10.00


In memory of Dr. J. Schneider$150.00

In honor and memory of my son - Ken Bailey by Richard E. Bailey$400.00

In memory of Ivie and Jimmy Lee$20.00

Bob Hagen Insurance Agency$250.00

To the glory of God$25.00

Total today: $3,250.00