Chronicle brings Santa to Augusta for special visit

Kids of all ages received a little bit of Christmas joy at the Master’s Table at the Golden Harvest Food Bank and Brandon Wilde when Santa Claus stopped in for special visits Saturday.


The Augusta Chronicle made it possible for the jolly old elf to visit the two locations to make the Christmas season a little brighter. At the assisted living center, Brandon Wilde residents Jeanne Cornell and Melrose Perrin were not expecting Kris Kringle as they ate lunch. They marveled at his costume and “grand size” of his character as he jingled through the dining area.

Santa had the same awestruck reaction from the children he encountered at the Master’s Table Soup Kitchen where he received hugs and Christmas requests from children, teens and adults. He even received some jolly “ho, ho, hos” from the crowd.

“The eyes of children are so special,” he said.

Santa’s presence was especially felt by people like Elizabeth Schleicher. After years of living independently at Brandon Wilde, Schleicher can no longer visit the dining area to see Santa as she has in years past. Linda Decandido, Schleicher’s daughter, said this is their first year without her father, and the two always enjoyed seeing Santa together.

Schleicher’s eyes twinkled as Santa leaned in to talk to her.

“He’s beautiful,” she said with a smile as he left the room.