Rants and raves

If you think raising taxes on the middle class to pay for tax cuts on corporations will help the economy, I’ve got a gold-covered penthouse in New York I’ll sell you for a dollar.


Given all the liberal-hyped hysteria over the word “white,” can stores still play ” I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” without being protested and boycotted?

After reading the Rants & Raves for the past 10 years, I can say that there are none so bamboozled by their political masters as the liberals and there are none so intolerant as a tolerant liberal.

The president should sue the man who was on the bus and making insults to women that border on crimes. He now says it wasn’t him.

Dog owners around Heard Avenue, please be aware of city ordinances making it illegal to tether your dogs or allow them to bark longer than 10 minutes.

When are Trump, Ivanka and his sons going to move their international businesses to the U.S.? Is Ivanka going to stay in China to have the Chinese workers make her items cheaply to sell still for oodles of millions?

Haha, now it’s out that Flynn lied. Other Trump supporters will now fall down for their sins, too.

Trump writes something different about Flynn from what he did earlier this year when he had to fire Flynn? Which lie did the liar Trump make: Before or now?