KIRBY: Women and onions, enough to make you cry

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery - drive fast and join the scenery.


— Douglas Horton


Is this odd or is this normal?

Weekend family get-together.

Several couples around a big table.

Four women, it turns out, all profess a taste for onions in the prepared dishes.

Meanwhile four men (as luck usually has it) married to the four women all proclaim a general distaste for the plant that makes women both cry and kiss badly.

I never thought of onions as a gender thing.

So I researched (Googled) it and found that there are a number of Internet stories about gender and onions.

However, they don’t deal with taste, they deal with scent. Women, it seems, are known to smell like onions. Men, on the other hand, tend to smell like cheese.

Jump freely to your own conclusions.

Personally, I remain at a loss.


NEW LEAF: Fall fell fast.

It seems like all the leaves have left the trees in the past three days.

I had been raking and mulching for a few weeks now and thought I was ahead of the game.

I was not.

But at least I wasn’t my neighbor who spent much of last week raking and bagging. When he finished, it looked great! I watched from my window as he picked up an errant leaf here and there. It was impressive.

The next morning?

Like it never even happened. A blanket of brown had tucked in his Bermuda.

I could have told him that’s always the danger of raking too early, but then he might have said something about most of the leaves came from my trees.

YOUR MAIL: Robin Booker, a retired teacher from Washington, Ga., liked my Christmas card recycling idea and adds this: “Many years ago while teaching (in the 80’s), I did that exact same thing. I used them to decorate my classroom door and my Christmas bulletin board for the holidays. They were just too pretty and thoughtful to throw away. Still use them sometimes now to decorate wrapped gifts.”


GO TEAM: Three robotics teams from Evans Middle School will be competing Saturday in this year’s First Lego League (FLL) regionals. It takes place at Rockdale Magnet School, 400 Sigman Rd NW, Conyers, GA . Just show up between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to cheer the team on.

While there, students will take part in four separate events to gauge their dedication to First Lego League’s core values and their problem-solving and robotics’ ability. The Evans Middle Schoolers will be focusing all their attention on this year’s theme: hydro dynamics.


TODAY’S JOKE: Another one from Mike Rucker. On his parents’ 50th anniversary, a man remarked to his father that he and his mom never seemed to fight.

“Oh, we’ve battled,” the father said, “but it never amounted to much. After a while, one of us always realized that I was wrong.”


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