District Attorney Natalie Paine kicking off election campaign

District Attorney Natalie Paine will officially kick off her 2018 campaign tonight at a reception in Augusta.


Gov. Nathan Deal appointed Paine in March to fill the district attorney’s position and replace now Richmond County Superior Court Judge Ashley Wright.

“As district attorney, I have worked tirelessly to protect citizens, families, and businesses from violence and crime,” Paine said in a news release. “I am committed to the people of the Augusta Judicial Circuit and refuse to back down from prosecuting those who want to hurt our children, take advantage of the elderly, or create fear in our communities and neighborhoods.

“Serving as district attorney is an honor and a privilege. I humbly ask for your vote with the promise to always fight hard and do the right thing - even when no one is looking. Together, we will ensure a safe and promising future for our families and loved ones.”

Born and raised in Augusta, Paine graduated from Lakeside High School and Georgia College and State University. After earning her juris doctorate from Charleston School of Law, Paine returned home to work in the District Attorney’s office. She served as an assistant district attorney for eight years before her appointment to lead the office.

As district attorney of the Augusta Judicial Circuit, Paine serves as the top prosecutor in Richmond, Columbia and Burke counties.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 21:34

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