Rants and raves

If those politicians have used public money to pay off their liaisons, for that alone, they should be thrown in jail and the keys thrown away. All the money they paid must be returned and all pensions canceled.


Of course Ed Enoch, the attorney for the coliseum authority, would say the closed-door meeting with authority members and four Augusta Commission members of their choice was “perfectly legal and did not violate Georgia’s Open Meeting Law.”

Mayor Hardie Davis campaigned on “one Augusta”. The arena deal says what he meant was “looking out for No. 1.” The deal is so bad instead of Hardie he should be called “Hardie-har-har.”

Raves to the Trump administration! Economic growth at over 3 percent; we never had that with the last administration.

This is a rant for Trump supporters. With everything President Trump says and does, I hope you honestly consider how you’d react if President Obama or Hillary Clinton did the same.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was not doing great things for the American people. Mostly it was laying fines on banks and businesses, and laundering the money to use for left-wing funding.



Fri, 01/19/2018 - 11:18

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