KIRBY: Sharing the holiday is in the cards

Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste.


– G.K. Chesterton


I am proceeding with a Christmas card plan I hatched after last year’s holiday.

Like most of you I still receive many beautiful cards, but don’t know quite know what to do with them once the fruitcake is finished and the tree comes down.

Like old letters from friends and family, you feel bad about throwing them away, yet conflicted about storing them in perpetuity. And they really are so very pretty.

So, I decided to recycle.

If carefully considered, most Christmas cards make wonderful holiday “postcards.”

I just took a big pair of scissors and carefully cut each card down the fold.

Now I had an image on one side and a plain back on the other. This easily converted to a postcard format.

I sent out the first batch this weekend, spreading good cheer and helping the environment by saving a tree.

It might be a Christmas one.


HOLIDAY TRAVELS: Rob Hamilton shares these thoughts about sharing the road.

”I am sending this fact to you about moving violations in the state of South Dakota as a possible suggestion for improving driving habits in this area,” he wrote.

“Visiting my cousin in South Dakota this past August I learned of his speeding ticket he had recently received. Any moving violation in South Dakota requires the offender to repeat the license application process and pay the fine.

“I had asked if he always drove the speed limit way out there in the country and heard his very funny story about trying to lose the trooper behind him by turning left onto a gravel road (thought it would be paved.)”


CLASS REUNION: Let me say again the ARC Class of 1968 is planning its 50th anniversary reunion. Hap Harris tells me it will be June 9 at the Old Medical College building on Telfair Street.

To find out more, you can go to the website:

You can share photos, and you can write a “hello” to everyone. If you have a problem with the site please contact Keith Henry:; Hap Harris: or Gail Evans Patty:


TODAY’S JOKE: One of many delightful stories shared by Mike Rucker.

When a visitor to a town in Alabama spotted a dog attacking a boy, he grabbed the animal and throttled it with his bare hands. An impressed reporter saw the incident and told the hero the next day’s headline would read “Valiant Local Man Saves Child by Killing Vicious Animal.”

I’m not from this town, said the hero.

Then, the reporter said, it will say “Alabama Man Saves Child by Killing Dog.”

Actually, said the man, I’m from New York.

In that case, the reporter grumbled, the headline will be “Yankee Kills Family Pet.”


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