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Dictionaries are great when used. Electorate – persons entitled to vote, millions. Electoral College – electors who vote for the president, 535.

It has been reported that Congress has used $15 million in taxpayer (money) to cover up cases of sexual abuse and harassment by members of Congress. Where are the reports by the New York Times and Washington Post?

Senator Al Franklin has been accused of groping a USO performer; I wonder if the Washington Post will investigate? Or is that treatment only for Republicans.

Just finished Halloween, coming up on Christmas, a truly holy time of year, and yet why do some people think it is perfectly appropriate to make jokes, dress up like the religious figures at these times in a mocking manner? Oh, that’s right, freedom of speech.

Rarely on TV here. Eagles are best in NFL.

The GOP’s tax cuts for the middle-class will end after 10 years, meaning with the deductions being eliminated, average Americans will actually be paying higher taxes in 2027 than they are today.

The economy is growing under President Trump, that should be good for every citizen. You don’t need to like him, just like what he is doing for the economy.



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 22:35

Rants and raves