Rants and raves

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Mission BBQ in Philadelphia has a wonderful tradition we should start in Augusta. Every day at noon they play the national anthem and everyone in the restaurant stands facing the giant flag out front with their hands over their hearts and sings along.

Trump hit it out of the ballpark. His skilled negotiations and business background are focused on economic growth for America, leading to more jobs for us, through better trade and diplomatic negotiations.

The stuff bad dreams are made of: Trump vs. Biden, 2020. The horror, the horror.

Republicans and Trump are engaging in a craven and transparent attempt to distract from Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation by pressuring the Department of Justice to investigate specious claims against a woman who doesn’t even hold public office.

Rant to Jeff Sessions. Anyone with that poor a memory should not be attorney general.



Sun, 02/25/2018 - 00:00

Rants and raves