KIRBY: Safety first on the holiday highways

“Safety First” is “Safety Always.”


– Charles M. Hayes


It’s travel season so let me share this. Did you know that if your car breaks down on the interstate, you are advised to remain in your vehicle, seat belt buckled, until help arrives?

The deaths of five pedestrians earlier this month around metro Atlanta prompted the Georgia Department of Transportation to issue a detailed warning about exiting your vehicle on the freeway.

“Never get out of the car on a freeway, unless your life is in imminent danger,” its news release stated in big, bold letters. It then added these advisories: If possible, pull onto the nearest shoulder as far from travel lanes as possible.

Stay seat-belted inside with the doors locked.

Turn on your hazard lights and turn your front wheels in the opposite direction of the roadway.

If you can’t drive the vehicle to the shoulder, turn on your hazard lights and stay seat-belted inside with the doors locked.

Call 911 for law enforcement and emergency personnel.

“Under no circumstances should you walk along or across the interstate,” its warning concluded. “It’s not only dangerous, it’s against the law.”

I’m just sharing.


YOUR TRAVELS: Two of our most prolific travelers – Lorinda and Joe Fournier, of Evans – were on the road again and sent 10 postcards from multiple stops on their autumn trip to, of all places, Oklahoma.

They started by leaving home at 2:21 a.m. to avoid the Atlanta traffic. “It worked perfectly,” they said. In Arkansas, they took a detour to visit Toad Suck, a town that brags “Silly Name; Serious Place.”)

In two days they were in Tulsa, visiting Aline and Jim Dillahunty, who were celebrating their 50th anniversary. “Jim has a great Oklahoma sense of humor,” they wrote, so they laughed a lot.

In Chandler, Okla., they stopped at the Route 66 Interpretive Center, which featured not only videos on the history of postcards, but …. “lots of postcards.”

Leaving Tulsa, they hit Edmond where they visited Alan, Maria, Erin, Gabe, Ellie, Abby and Katie. They also saw a coyote, the Milky Way and two shooting stars.

Maybe it was an omen, The next day featured tremendous winds, rain and lightning. There were five tornadoes nearby, but none got too close. “Another memory not to be forgotten.”

They did add two more tornado postcards, one pointing out that the governor of Oklahoma was out of state attending a Beach Boys concert.


TODAY’S JOKE: Two preachers met in the parking lot of a civic prayer service and greeted each other warmly.

“How’s it going, Brother Robert?” one asked the other.

“Nothing much has changed,” came the answer. “I’ve got too many who like to sing ‘Standing on the Promises,’ while just sitting on the premises.”

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