Rants and raves

If the mayor of Waynesboro is forced out of office for his misdeeds, he should move to Augusta and run for mayor next May; he’d fit right in.


If I work a part-time job I pay for my gas, use my own car. Why should deputies get to use county cars to go to their part-time, noncounty jobs? Don’t even try: Oh, they may respond to a crime.

Roadwork in Augusta and Evans has got to get finished. One-and-a-half hours from the downtown medical campus to Evans via River Watch and Washington Road on Nov. 8: infuriating.

Individuals attending any of the programs at the AU medical campus should not have to arrive a half-hour before their report time just to search for parking.

The president has been documented telling more than 2,000 lies. Hillary Clinton is also a liar, but she holds no office.

The economy is showing signs of growth; this is good. But let us be clear about some indisputable facts. The president inherited a stable economy. President Obama,inherited an economy in free-fall, a massive debt, high unemployment rate and two wars.

As long as Lindsey Graham does not support the lies and failures of Trump, then he’s OK.



Thu, 12/14/2017 - 22:35

Rants and raves