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No Trump, no more lies falling out of your mouth and off your fingers will obfuscate the facts any more. Things are closing in your your lying cronies for all your illegal acts with the Russians.

Lindsay Graham is neither a liberal Democrat nor a Republican in name only. He is a levelheaded, sane legislator who thinks for himself. He is not a flunky for the president.

When one says the media twist and misrepresentt he truth, would that be Fox News or CNN? It depends on whether you want intelligent news, or dogma.

With the recent events in New York City, it is time for commonsense laws banning large capacity trucks. No one has any needs a truck that is used by the military or police.

Why can the Democrats give $9 million to a company that pays English and Russians for dirt on Trump and that isn’t collusion but a Trump aide looking for dirt on Hillary is collusion.

The audio and video of John Kelly’s false assertion of Rep. Wilson, of Florida, clearly exonerates her. Kelly’s Civil War comments are further exemplifies the callousness and disregard of the truth, by this administration.



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 20:02

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