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For some reason, Donald Trump feels he constantly needs to repeat the phrase, “I’m a very smart person.” We should all be embarrassed to have this man as our president.

I just caught up with reading the latest by the wonderful Glynn Moore. Much light and love to you.

I’ve never been involved in a political campaign, so I don’t know the usual rules for gathering oppo research. That said, if the dossier wasn’t a scandal when Jeb Bush’s campaign got it, I really don’t see the scandal if Hillary Clinton was involved.

Politicians do not want to pass a simple flat or fair tax. That would eliminate their kickback money.

In an article a man was charged with two counts of murder when killing a woman and her unborn (fetus), yet abortionists get away with it daily.

It looks as if the albatross of Regency Mall will soon be hanging around Richmond County’s neck.

Scandal that dogged President Obama has been settled, with payments going to the tea party members who were targeted by the IRS under the Obama administration. A chink in his legacy.

I am so glad we folks who pay most of the taxes in south Richmond County are getting something. I think the Regency Mall site will work.



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