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Patrick Henry, a patriot, declared,”give me liberty, or give me death.” Martin Luther King Jr., a patriot, stated, “justice denied to one, is justice denied to all.” I salute all Americans, whether they kneel, stand, raise a fist, or weep, to show love and concern for our great country. Our diversity is our strength.

Don’t even waste your time with Augusta 311. Oh, they will tell you it will be taken care of. You will do better cutting your roads right of way yourself. That’s what we have to do in South Richmond County.

When Trump was elected, Republicans were bragging about the stock market soaring. But, if stock prices are a good sign of economic strength, should Trump really be bragging when insurance stocks plummet?

Clinton, who has blamed Russians, the FBI, the date of the election, men, women, people of all races, misogyny, James Comey and the media for her 2016 loss has decided her next book will be titled 101 Excuses, subtitled, How I Avoided Blame.

Raves to the Aiken County Public School System in their decision to suspend the players, (for at least one game), involved in the brawl Friday night after the game between North Augusta and South Aiken. This practice (post game handshake) is reserved for a show of sportsmanship by a handshake between the players.