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Enough with the commercials filled with the innuendos. Heard one this morning on the radio referencing the male anatomy, and one the other day changing up the phrase for “feces occurs.”

North Korea is testing nuclear weaponry, and has stated their intent to strike America. So what is our, ahem, brilliant president doing? Attacking black players for kneeling during the national anthem.

The most shocking thing to me about the Harvey Weinstein story is that all of his accusers are women.

Kudos to Jonathan Hollingsworth, of Augusta, for his wonderful, insightful, intelligent, letter to the editor. America has not stopped being great, it is still evolving. He like myself is a veteran, taxpayer and proud of this country.

Despite the NRAs narrative, the mentally ill are far more likely to be the victim of violent crimes than the perpetrators. It’s time we restore the legal rights of the mentally ill to carry weapons with which to defend themselves.

When locating the new Civic Ctr., it should be noted a very large number of attendees are from the CSRA, not just inside the ARC borders. So like it or not, whether they live here or not, they represent a significant number of revenue to any held event. So those opinions must be taken into account.



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