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Yes, we deserve the same medical coverage we provide for our public servants in Congress. They show their contempt for us by denying us that level of coverage. We must be the morons.

I never thought I would see the day when I get attacked by conservatives because I don’t support a demented New York tax and spend elitist authoritarian liberal as POTUS.

More to Trump than tweets he is getting the job done, despite fierce opposition from the left. Issues with our national security are being handled, rather than just being pushed down the road.

It’s amusing that the president’s supporters, white middle class and below, continue to overlook the obvious, and continue to support him. The president doesn’t care about them, beyond their votes. He considers these people beneath him.

A few months ago the country was, rightfully, appalled at Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State. Now he’s the only thing standing between us and nuclear annihilation. This is how far the bar has fallen.

As a proud vet who proudly served my country, even shedding blood, I am dismayed at the American, confederate, and Nazi flag displayed together, by white nationalists. Were these patriots? The Confederates and Nazi’s fought against America, and lost. Why are losers flying their flags with the American flag?



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