Attorney suspended from practicing in federal courts

An Augusta attorney has been suspended from practicing law in the federal courts of the Southern District of Georgia.


In an order signed Oct. 12, U.S. District Court Chief Judge J. Randal Hall affirmed the bankruptcy court judge’s ruling that Todd Boudreaux should be suspended from practicing in federal court for one year. He must also pay $27,601 to the bankruptcy court trustee in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition filed on behalf of Christopher G. Mohr.

According to the the motion for sanctions filed by the Assistant U.S. Trustee Matthew Mills, Boudreaux represented Mohr starting in 2013 when an initial Chapter 11 petition was filed. The case was later converted to a Chapter 7. The problem centered on Mohr’s interest in a Florida apartment complex, Spring Creek. According to the bankruptcy court records, the interest was valued at $1.

But as early as March 2016, Mohr signed a legal document approving the sale of the apartment complex for more than $26 million. When the sale went through in September, Mohr’s interest was worth $485,000. A check was sent to Boudreaux for Mohr.

Mohr produced for the bankruptcy court emails between himself and Boudreaux proving his attorney knew about the sale and what Mohr would receive.

But Boudreaux withheld that information from the bankruptcy trustee and the court, according to the motion for sanctions. The trustee was in charge of Mohr’s assets and responsible for paying creditors.

There is no indication in the motion for sanctions that Boudreaux personally improperly benefited from his actions in the case.

According to Mohr’s bankruptcy petition, he owed creditors more than $32.57 million.

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