Allen helps local students celebrate Pre-K Week

Congressman Rick Allen had pre-kindergarten students at The Childcare Network on Wrightsboro Road in the mood for food and reading Thursday morning.


The Augusta native read “The Very Hungry Catepillar” to students and talked about their favorite fruits and vegetables— after all, Allen serves on the House Committee on Agriculture.

Last week was Pre-K Week in the state of Georgia, marking the 25th birthday of the state’s early learning program. Georgia’s Pre-K program has helped put nearly 1.6 million children on track to read at grade level by the end of third grade, and achieve academic excellence and future success.

“By the time you finish the third grade, if you’re not reading at or above a third grade level, it’s likely you’re not going to graduate from high school,” Allen told the students.

He gave a “hats-off” to the staff at the Childcare Network for educating children. Allen noted his own difficulty holding the attention of young minds when he cares for his grandchildren. The staff and children appeared excited about their guest star, with some students mistaking the well-dressed congressman for President Donald Trump.

“We are pleased to have Congressman Allen visit our center, read to our children and show them their community cares about their education,” China Thomas, director of Childcare Network, said in a statement. “The demonstration of support from leaders across the state show they understand the value of quality early learning to ensure school readiness, higher graduation rates and lifelong empowerment.”