School board member Frazier to hold community “fair” Saturday focusing on tutoring, mentoring

School board member Dr. Wayne Frazier knows that strong communities build strong schools.


The former educator and current District 4 representative spent time during his career encouraging educators and community members to be involved in their local schools. Less than a year after being elected to the Richmond County Board of Education, Frazier is organizing a Community Mentors and Tutoring Fair on Saturday from 9 to 11 a.m. at the McDuffie Woods Community Center on 3431 Old McDuffie Road. Fish, grits and light refreshments will be served.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to learn more about mentoring and tutoring and sign up to assist with any existing programs. Frazier said there will be a heavy emphasis on reading volunteers.

“I found that one of our weakest areas…is reading comprehension at the early grades so we are going to focus on first through eighth grade reading,” Frazier said. “We’ve got to do it one child at a time. It’s not going to happen unless the community gets involved. The school system will not do this by itself.”

He continued that this would not be an easy task to take on. “We need commitment, and we need at least one year of commitment to work. Not everyone can do it, I understand that.”

Frazier has been credited with turning around Tubman Middle School in 2008 and Glenn Hills High School from 2010-2012. Frazier was transferred to the alternative school, Tubman Education Center, in 2012.

Superintendent Dr. Angela Pringle held several meetings with parents and the community over the summer tackling similar issues that will be addressed at Frazier’s meeting Saturday.