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Frank Dolan did a good job as the school board member for District 7. Thank you Mr. Dolan.

What a hoot. Hillary Clinton shaming Harvey Weinstein for his relationship with young women, while her husband, Bill, did the exact same thing.

So, Tennessee Titans NFL player Rishard Matthews, who makes $5 million, has promised to quit, if the NFL implements a rule forcing players to stand for the anthem. Please put you money where you mouth is.

So the spineless NFL won’t show our anthem and respect to our flag. It will not go away that easily. Ratings in free fall.

As long as a segment of white America refuses to understand minority Americans concerns, the social abyss will expand.

Graniteville must be a hotbed for engineering revisionist history. If anyone fought for the Confederacy, they were traitors. Robert E. Lee, a brilliant man, was a traitor. John Brown, is a hero to me. He dignified slaves, as human beings, at the expense of his life and his sons.

Evidently, Trump just wants to watch the world burn…

Folks are posting on Facebook that health care issues, problems with Puerto Rico’s government and concerns about the statues and racism have been going on for years. Yet in the next breath they put all the blame on Trump rather than ask why his predecessor didn’t step up.