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Single-payer health insurance is so expensive that foreign countries that have it must find ways to cut the costs. One of the ways is to limit service, by having restrictions, such as, you must lose weight before you can have knee, or hip surgery. Doctors are making less money and are opting out of the medical profession.

Adding new entitlements without finding ways to get rid of overspending will drive our children and grandchildren deeper in debt, to the point of forced austerity. Why wait till that happens, when we could be cutting back gradually while we still have a choice.

I wish our President would stop treating his office like a reality show, where to win means to get good “ratings” and appear popular, while to lose means suffering his childish insults. Trump is obsessed with image over substance, believing he can substitute one for the other.

Trump is growing the economy, and that is the only thing that counts. When the economy grows, when the GNP grows, the American job market grows. When the job market grows, more people have jobs, making money so they can support their families.



Sun, 02/25/2018 - 00:00

Rants and raves