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To the liberals that want more gun laws. President Trump could sign an Executive Order to make it illegal to break any laws. See, that was easy, just another law that nut-jobs and criminals won’t obey.

Brad Kyzer’s, “God Bess The McCain Family,” in a recent letter to the editor, was well done. Senator McCain is a war hero and an honorable man. The president took five draft deferments, to keep from going to war, and has the unmitigated gall to attack senator McCain.

As tragic as it is when a love one is killed by another person, why on earth would a TV news reporter stick a microphone and camera to their face and ask, How do you feel at this moment?

Building another failure on top of that eyesore at Regency Mall just to do something is not the answer. We need to listen to the advice we paid for and build the James Brown arena in downtown, where it will get the support it needs.

Why are senators, congress and federal employees given subsidized health care, while the rest of the citizens must pay for it.

The reason investigators are unable to find any collusion between the president and the Russians, is that the case was built on false information, dug up by Hillary Clinton staff during the campaign.



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