Rants and raves

Someone praised Tom Price for leaving since he abused taxpayer funds. We need to do that to the whining twittering Donald Trump. He’s spent more so far for security for his travels than any other president in an eight year history.

A big rave for Ms. Sylvia for getting hold of the mayor’s schedule to break that down for us. Enlightening as well as entertaining data.

We have large number of family in Puerto Rico and right now they need a leader like LTG Honoré was in New Orleans after Katrina. The last thing Puerto Rico needs is a bunch of liberal politicians playing voter games with the disaster aid, that they have locked in warehouses.

During the last three or four years there has been a marked increase in willful traffic violations. Drivers have totally disregarded existing laws regarding the use of headlights during rainy weather, turn signals when changing lanes or executing a turn and texting while driving. Now drivers with growing frequency are ignoring red lights and stop signs.

No one should blame an entire group of people for the negative actions of a select few, but if you believe what you read, hear and see in the media, this is exactly what should be done



Wed, 02/21/2018 - 00:33

Burke County deputies make drug arrests

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Rants and raves