13-year-old charged with murder appears in court for first time


EDITOR'S NOTE: The victim of a homicide committed last week, Mable Florence Jordan, was incorrectly identified as being homeless.


The Chronicle regrets the error.

A 13-year-old boy charged with murder made his first appearance in adult court Friday morning, less than two months after being reported missing from a family member’s home where the state had sent him after he was accused of committing numerous and increasingly violent crimes.

According to the newest arrest warrants that Richmond County Magistrate Judge Stephen Shepard read to Zitedrick T. Shelley, the boy is accused of robbing and killing 61-year-old Mable Florence Jordan on Thursday. The warrants stated that Shelley snatched Jordan’s purse after she fell to the ground with a bullet in her chest.

It wasn’t the first time the boy has been accused of robbery. According to incident reports obtained through an Open Records request, Shelley was 12 when he was committed into the custody of the state after 13 incidents in which sheriff’s officers were called.

In April 2016, he was accused of pulling a gun and pointing it at a man who ordered him and several others to get off property. The next month, he was accused of beating a girl at a south Augusta community center when she refused his request to join his gang.

That Aug. 14, he and three other youths robbed a woman of her purse after pepper-spraying her in the face, authorities reported. A week after a sheriff’s officer stopped Shelley and his 12-year-old cousin as they walked down James Brown Boulevard with a shotgun on Oct. 18, Shelley was accused of armed robbery in connecting with the robbery and stabbing of a woman in the parking lot of the Gordon Highway Kmart.

After the shotgun-toting incident, the sheriff’s office contacted a Department of Juvenile Justice officer who instructed a deputy to take the boys back home, according to the incident report.

Although Shelley was a ward of the state with Juvenile Justice and Department of Family and Children Services oversight, no one found him after his aunt reported him missing. Zitedrick cut off his ankle monitor and left home Aug. 17.

Just after midnight Wednesday, Jordan was shot on 15th Street. Augusta University public safety officers and sheriff’s deputies arrested Shelley a short distance away.

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