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There are clear rules about what can and cannot occur with regards to the activities of football players. Previous requests to show respect for wounded police, domestic violence and 9/11 heroes were all denied by these rules, so the error in allowing the first player to “take a knee” violated these rules.

Don’t make the mistake that Trump really did much more over the Harvey and Irma disasters besides signing for extra aid and flying to Texas and Florida to help out a bit. Now he needs to do right by Puerto Rico.

The more idiotic things that Trump says and does, the more tripe that will be listed in history for his young son to study in a few years.

Having been a Steelers fan for more than 40 years, I am very disappointed seeing most of the team staying in the tunnel during the national anthem.

The person saying the arena shouldn’t be built at Regency Mall because of crime, you better think again; there is no crime there, just downtown.

I had an occasion to cross the bridge from North Augusta to Augusta. Guardrails crushed, grass/weeds grown up, trash on the street, pavement all broken up enough to damage shocks. Fifth Street same condition, and you want to put an arena down there? Take a lesson from North Augusta.