Former Army officer charged with conspiracy to bribe and commit fraud in government contracts

A retired Army colonel whose business company reportedly was used to commit bribery to obtain more than $20 million in government contracts has been charged with conspiracy.


A conspiracy charge was lodged Monday in U.S. District Court against Calvin Devear Lawyer that charges him with conspiracy, a crime punishable by up to five years.

According to court documents, Lawyer set up a company named Communications, Research, Engineering and Consultant Group before he retired from the Army after 20 years in February 2008. The purpose of the company was to try to win contracts with the U.S. government and private contractors.

But the company was used to bribe those responsible for awarding contracts and bid-rigging at Fort Gordon, according to the documents.

This summer, Col. Anthony Roper; his wife,Audra Roper; and Dwayne O. Fulton were indicted on the sames charges. Roper was responsible for overseeing the building and modernization of the Army’s information and communications network at Fort Gordon.

According to the indictment against the Ropers and Fulton, they conspired with a person known as CDL to bribe public officials to get more than $20 million in contracts, set up shell companies to funnel bribes and submitted fraudulent documentation to award contracts and to document work that was never performed.

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