Rants and raves

It is interesting to me that the Trump administration handled the federal response to two major natural disasters, one on top of the other seamlessly, and folks still think Trump is incompetent. Absolutely amazing.


A simple solution to the offensive street names. Paint over every street sign name and replace them with numbers.

According to CNN, its own sources in the Department of Justice have verified that President Trump’s campaign was in fact illegally wiretapped for political reasons and continued to be into mid-January of this year. And the truth will set you free.

Living just inside Columbia County, I would have no problem taking my family to the new proposed entertainment site. Is downtown safer? No. Is the old Regency Mall site safer? Yes.

We would have reasons to remember Washington, Jefferson and, yes, even James Brown even if they hadn’t done horrible things. Aside from Jefferson Davis’ achievement of being threatened with execution by his father-in-law, President Zachary Taylor, what would any of these traitors be remembered for?

Rant to the North Augusta mayor and council. Who would have guessed that there might be a $350,000 hole in next year’s budget? Surely the construction of a baseball park is not to blame. Construction is just getting started. Get ready to open your wallets, taxpayers.