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It’s wonderful that Hillary Clinton has published a book. Now we can see the thoughts of a truly intelligent and sane person who should have been president. We would never have gotten the foolishness and illegal and underhanded maneuvers we’ve suffered through for the past almost nine months with Trump.

Help me understand why Jemele Hill calling the president a white supremacist was inaccurate. Have we forgotten the lawsuit he settled for denying blacks to live in his apartments? Have we forgotten the birther issue? Have we forgotten him calling Obama a racist while employed at NBC? And most recently, there is Charlottesville, Va. If you walk like a duck and talk like a duck …

Why did AU wait five months in order to announce that there had been a breach of patient records? Just after Equifax announced their security breach? Et tu, AU?

Please tell us how we can get a city job and earn full-time retirement plus one month’s severance pay like the latest human resources director. I’d dearly like to know.

Every time I read a Republican letter to the editor I want to scream, “What are you talking about?” How can a group that represents less than half of Americans be “average Americans?” Who “apologizes for American exceptionalism?”